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-A guide to Cardiac Physiology-

Send an email to if you’d like to write for us, or want us to cover something specific.

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-A new video tutorial on Einthoven’s Triangle and basic ECG lead systems is up.



-TSP Mobile: ECG is available on Google Play! The iOS version is (still) incoming, but I’m in the middle of a long argument with Apple over the word “Android” being visible through the blog portal (I know, it’s ludicrous). Fingers crossed it’ll be resolved soon.


-The TSP store features items adorned with the artwork form the site! Check it out! 


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Epicardio Simulation TRIAL and FULL VERSION

A comprehensive cardiology sim suite

EpiHead ECG Teacher

A subscription-based ECG course.

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 AliveCor Mobile ECG

An innovation when monitoring AF

Alive Phone

TSP is not endorsed by the following, but I have provided links, as I feel that they will benefit you as they have me.


The governing body for Cardiac Science. Join this society for case studies, news and, above all, a great deal of networking opportunity outside of placements and campus.


An absolute wealth of ECGs, as well as easy to follow analysis guidance. Great to use in conjunction with studies.


The Student Physiologist

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