Cardiac Catheterisation Lab

These pages will  (eventually) provide a comprehensive overview of the science and medicine involved in the Cath Lab as I learn about the concepts. As with the rest of TSP, this section will range from basics to advanced practices, and will be ever-growing through the coming months.

I shall update them as my own studies progress and I’ll add work from previous study as time allows.

They will form an end product comprised of my lecture notes and outside research and, as a result, will be the basis of my revision material that I will use for exams. It seemed silly to do lots of studying and typing and only use it myself, so to that end, I hope you can use it in your studies, if even it’s simply to gain an insight into how other students work.

I neither suggest, nor endorse plagiarism, so I implore you to do your own work and only use these pages to bolster your knowledge. Learning is best achieved when done yourself.