Coronary Arteries

The heart pumps to supply the rest of the body with oxygenated blood. It also supplies itself with this blood, however, by using the coronary arteries, which exist on the epicardium.

Coronary Anatomy

The primary arteries emanate from the left and right coronary cusps. The right coronary artery extends from the right coronary cusp, and from the left, the Left Main Stem (LMS) divides into the Left Anterior Descending (LAD), and Left Circumflex Artery (LCx).

From these arteries, further divisions can be found:

LADSupplies the anterior and apical LV, and the anterior septum

Diagonal branches (D1, D2)

Septal branches

LCxSupplies the lateral and posterior LV, and the LA

Marginal branches (M1, M2)

RCASupplies the RA, RV, posterior septum, and a portion of the apical LV

Acute marginal branch (AM)

AV node branch

Posterior descending branch (PDA)