Angiographic Views

Coronary Angiography is utilised to assess the level of stenosis that may be present within the coronary arteries. By using catheter-injected dye and x-rays, the coronaries, collateral branches and foreign bodies within them can be viewed in detail, and can allow practitioners to make a decision on how best to proceed down a treatment pathway.

In order to view the arteries sufficiently and assess the level of stenosis in greater detail, the x-ray images are taken from a multitude of different angles.

Left Heart


Right Heart


Camera Positioning

AP – The image intensifier sits over the patient, with the beam travelling from back to front

RAO – The image intensifier sits on the right of the patient

LAO – The image intensifier sits on the left of the patient

Cranial – Towards the patient’s head

Caudal – Towards the patient’s feet