If you’ve found your way here from the iOS app store, then chances are you’ve downloaded the TSP app, so thank you, firstly! This page does represent the same support details as the Android version though, as they’re both run from the same backend. To that end, any problems you have for either version, will be fixed the same way.


Issues with payment, or any downloading problems are the responsibility of the App Store and Google Play, respectively, so much as I would like to be of assistance in that respect, I only have control of in-app content and pricing. Any technical issues outside of these areas, should be addressed by the marketplaces for each specific software type

Problems with content, however, can and will be fixed by myself. Goodbarber provide me with a fluid backend, so I can make alterations and adjustments as necessary, and all you have to do is fully close the app and restart it in order to display these adjustments once finalised. This way, you will not need to download any updates.

Due to the way in which Google Play operates, I am unable to make the same pricing concessions that are offered on iOS. Apple allow for pricing changes with a single upload, whereas Google require that the app be discontinued and re-uploaded with any price alteration. As an Android owner myself, I appreciate that this is slightly unfair, and I can only apologise.

Rest assured, that the price of TSP will not change at all once it is no longer gratis on iOS. I will also never include ads as I find them intrusive, so the one-off payment will be just that, and will provide an unobstructed use of the resource.

As I state in the app descriptions for both iOS and Android listings, if you have any problems with content or functionality, don’t hesitate to contact me via the email given on the homepage of this site.

Thank you,